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    Hello,As introduced in the title, I am having issues reading the "current speed" parameter of XL320 servomotors (memory address = 39) for two different reasons that I am going to e...
    Hopefully @will son will give some better hints. In both cases, I might first see if everything on my system is up to date... i.e. there is not some new firmware releases that by c...
ROBOTIS contributes to sharing and spreading technology among robot developers by offering a modularized and standardized solution for robot technology.
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    We provide solutions for professionals in each field to implement their creative ideas as real robots...
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    The ROBOTIS kits used in educational and research robots from kindergarten to high school...
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  • All in-one Actuator
  • Professional Robot Actuator with Cycloid Gear
  • 2 Finger Adaptive Robotic Hand with Current Control
  • Open Source Manipulator for Education and Research
  • Official Mobile Robot Platform for ROS
  • Kid-size Open Humanoid Platform
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