[2015 ICRA] Humanoid Application Challenge

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DARwin-OP [ROBOTIS OP] is an open platform humanoid project supported by NSF.

Being a vision-capable humanoid with full functionality and scalability, researchers are

strongly required to join an open source community for cooperative research. To

encourage creative applications from around the globe and maximize contribution

for humanoid research.


Teams using the DARwIn-OP robot to develop their own application are eligible.

For registration, a 2 minute online video demonstration should be posted on YouTube

and a link must be submitted with the registration form. Click on the link below to

access the registration form.


*All finalist are require to present at IEEE ICRA.

-10 minutes free-style demonstration and presentation

*Important Dates/Deadlines:

1. Online Video Registration – January 30, 2015 - Extended to February 28, 2015

2. Notification of Finalist – February 13, 2015 - Extended to March 03, 2015

3. Final Presentation – May 27, 2015

4. Dinner– May 28, 2015

*Judging Criteria:

1. Creative Idea - 40%

2. Technical Skills - 30%

3. Overall Completion - 30%

*Judging Committee:

Peer review among finalists

*Awards :

1st Place Winner – Must be present at ICRA to qualify

  • ROBOTIS OP2 [1 team] – aka DARwIn-OP Deluxe Edition

Finalist (ALL) – Must be present at ICRA to qualify

  • DARWIN-MINI [1 per team]

**All participants are required to register for the 2015 IEEE ICRA Conference.

**IEEE ICRA will provide participants with limited travel support,

    application details will be announced later this fall. 

**Projector, tables, MIC will be available on-site.

**All other necessary equipment for robot demo must be prepared by each participating team.

Deadline for the early-bird registration for 2015 ICRA is March 6, 2015.

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