[Competition] Mini DRC - Modular Robot Disaster Relief Challenge

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2015 Mini DRC

“Modular Robot Disaster Relief Challenge”



□ Outline



   1) Research robots that can be utilized in actual disaster scenes to cultivate development and research 

       skills. To scout talented people in the field of robotics through competitions based on creative ideas

       through their engineering knowledge.


   2) Mission

         (A) Develop robots that can be utilized in disaster relief scenes

         (B) This includes presenting the robot and executing the missions


   3) General Rule

       (A) Utilize the modular actuator provided by the organizer to develop a 20DOF [or less] robot.

              The final winner will be selected based on evaluation and mission accomplishment.

        (B) Only finalists will be offered supportive resources once they reach the finals.


  4) Mission Details

      (A) Obstacles : Move through uneven terrain with obstacles

      (B) Ladder : Climb up the ladder

      (C) Door : Open the closed door and walk through it

      (D) Valve : Close the valve to stop the leakage of toxic substance

      (E) Lifesaving : Rescue the person (doll)

     (F) Stairs : Transport the person (doll) down the stairs


□ Qualifications

Qualifications for Application

     1) Applicants : Open to high school student and higher

     2) Team Formation : 5 or less members per team


Application Material : Application Form


□ Important Dates

    1) Submission Deadline : August 16, 2015

    2) Selection of Teams for Finals : August 21, 2015

    3) Usage Report : First week of October

    4) Finals : Last week of October (TBD)

    5) Mission Demo : November 4, 2015*


*2015 IEEE RAS Humanoid  

Dates : November 4th, 2015

Location : KIST, KOREA


□ Awards and Benefits


Reward Certificate ROBOTIS CEO Certificate, STEAM Chairman Certificate
Supported Resources Finalist Get to Keep Supported Resources


Benefits for Finalists

Benefits Supported Resources 20 actuators per team*, 1 open source controller, 4 types of sensors, Raspberry Pi, camera, etc.
Accommodation Support TBA
Tech Mentoring Available at all times
Job Opportunity 2 (Internship opportunity)

* Actuator specification available upon request.


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