[News] GEI Endorsement for ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETs

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2016/02/16 11:50 Hit 9,308


GEI Endorsement for ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETs

ROBOTIS is proud to announce that its ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETs had been GEI endorsed. By being GEI endorsed, it means that selected schools in urban and suburban settings have evaluated the kit following a carefully designed rubric, reflecting effectiveness, durability, value and ease of use. Then GEI collects and reviews this feedback and determines if it merits the GEI endorsement.
This process was started on October, 2015 and we have just been endorsed by GEI Jan. 6, 2016. 

Robotis Play 600 encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and small motor development.
— Susan N., GEI Reviewer

Budget-friendly robot kits that won’t break the bank! The ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETS Kit is a great way to get students excited about robotics at an early age. Students get to build up to seven moving creature robots with this kit! Each kit comes equipped with over 50 parts and an easy-to-follow visual assembly manual. Ages 6+ but some 5 year olds may be able to engage the PLAY 600 as well! Students can expand their imaginations and can also work on these ideas while exercising creativity and developing fine-motor skills. No extra tools are required and easy to assemble.
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