Coolest toy of CES unearthed - Robotis Bioloid

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Coolest toy of CES unearthed: Robotis Bioloid

I SAID THERE were cool toys around CES, not tech, just toys, and the second coolest was a motorized skateboard. What is number one? Without a doubt, it is the robotics kits from Robotis, Bioloid and Dynamixel. If you are a true geek, you simply must own this.

Robotis takes a serious robotics kit, with actuators, grippers, sensors and wheels, and packages it up in a toy like format. The kit itself looks like a big Lego box, but at an MSRP of around $900 for the large one, $350 for the small, is in a completely different league.

Bioloid Kits

By Charlie Demerjian

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