[OLLO] Build: Robots for Everyone

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Build: Robots for Everyone

Posted by Greg May Jul 13, 08:26 AM to gear : gadgeteer

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The OLLO Bot is kind of a polar opposite- extremely cute, very extensible, but lacking the webcam and wifi and fancy schmancy speakers. We’ve been working with both the basic unit, the Bug, and the expansion pack Action, which has some extra pieces and another motor. What’s nice about the Ollo is the variety of uses and easy reconfigurability. Kids of most any age above 7 or 8 can assemble it one way, learn how it works when tracing lines, then choose a different project that can detect objects pretty simply. It takes a bit of work, but the instructions are pretty clear and nicely illustrated.

The basic kit comes with a bunch of structural pieces, a sound sensor, 3 infrared sensors, a remote controller, 2 motors, and the CPU- pretty good for $100. The Action kit, while offering quite a few new options in terms of building, doesn’t actually expand the actions available all that much, and runs $30- a bit too high in comparison. There is also the Figure kit which just offers extra pieces, at $20. As is always the case with DIY kits, a good part of the fun is in assembly and learning about how sensors work, etc. So it is a little unfortunate that you don’t get a better view of programming or electronics, which would seem to be well within the scope of the Ollo. Of course, it does end up being simple, attractive, and extremely durable- the sort of robot that grabs people’s attention and invites curiosity. Available online, the Ollo is a great bet for those interested in a reconfigurable and extensible robot- while the Spykee is perfect for those wanting a small spy that they can control.



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