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ROBOTIS KidsLab- Photo

We are hosting a photo
contest for all ROBOTIS KidsLab around the globe using OLLO kits. 

We are looking for
photos of students, teachers, and or adults having fun with STEM education.



DEADLINE : June 13, 2013 [Thursday]

E-mail submission should be made to :  kidslab@robotis.com


All submissions must include the following:

1) Photo(s) must be
in high resolution

2) Photo(s)
need to have a clear view of the person’s face featured in the picture

3) Name of

4) Name and age of person featured in the picture

5) Person in the
picture must agree with the use of the picture as it will be featured on Robot Magazine

6) Country (if in the USA, city and state as well)

7) E-mail address

8) Short

For students : How did you and what did you like about the product? 

For teachers : How do you plan to
continue engaging students with robotics and in STEM education? 

*** If the
submitter is not in the picture, a small profile picture with submitters name
will need to be submitted with photo contest picture.***




1) ALL applicants will receive a
ROBOTIS KidsLab T-shirt  

2) TOP
10 photos will be featured Robot Magazine

3) One selected photo will receive a Bioloid STEM Standard Kit.


Feel free to email any of
your questions or comments to kidslab@robotis.com


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