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In memory of our dear Power User, Jose Cortes (a.k.a Siempre Aprendien…

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*In remembrance of our dear Power User, Jose Cortes (a.k.a Siempre Aprendiendo)*


(Jose Cortes with ROBOTIS-OP 1)
Toni Ferrate from Ro-botica in Spain, is a good friend of Jose Cortes and has taken part in this meaningful
interview for us. Thanks Toni!

Q1. Please introduce Jose Cortes for us.

I knew for first time Jose Cortes on year 2007, a few time before  RO-BOTICA started it’s activity.
He was working in software development for companies - as myself before founding RO-BOTICA, so we
shared a lot of interests -, and I think he discovered with BIOLOID, and later with OLLO a new world of
practical possibilities for learning and enjoying  beyond more hard & theoric professional software
development world, learning by doing.
He get first Bioloid Comprehensive sold in Spain and become a Power User for us with this new scalable
reconfigurable platform which opened to his eyes a new world of possibilities. He introduced us high new
technical possibilities of this platform and Dynamixels across his interventions on our online forums and
from other ROBOTIS partners. I remember Robosavvy, Tribotix… and he was always helping others and
me with the possibilities of ROBOTIS systems across forums. He was also a Power User of RO-BOTICA,
trustly helping everybody and sharing his knowledge. I always have learned a lot of things from him, his
own projects and his interventions in several specialized robotic related forums.
I think he hid everyone his long sickness for us not to worry, in another last act of generosity.

Q2. What was his vision and how he has influenced in robotics?

I think his vision was the superation or complementation of the software development world, by
imagining, designing, creating and playing himself new features across really amazing robotic
creatures as ants, bugs, but not specially humanoids…, and sharing his knowledge to others with
a big focus to education/amazing purposes. He had also a generic view of other leading robotic
brands but he always had an special affection to Robotis product with several ideas of how to
integrate with other mechanic/robotic systems or computing devices. He was always learning
and sharing with others interesting and usefully  information, videos, links, etc. about ROBOTIS
and the emerging world of education/hobby robotics.




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Q3. Last but not least, how would you describe Jose Cortes in one word?


Below is the short phrase of Jose Cortes from his blog, Software Souls:
This shows how he was passionate in learning and sharing his knowledge with others.


Este mes hace 20 años que me dedico profesionalmente al mundo del desarrollo de software, la mitad de
ellos programando distintas aplicaciones en C++. Aunque desde 2006 no participo directamente
en la parte de programación, me sigue fascinando tanto como el primer día (hacia junio de 1983) que
escribí mi primer programa en un ZX-81 (increíble, tenía 1 KB de memoria y la CPU procesaba a 3,25Mhz).

Sinclair ZX81

Sinclair ZX81

Tanto me fascina que en mi tiempo libre sigo ampliando conocimientos y habilidades
en programación, realizando software para la creación de comportamientos para robots.

Esta fascinación me lleva también a compartir lo aprendido y ayudar a otras personas a que se animen a programar, especialmente robots, y de aquí todos estos artículos y mi participación en distintos foros de robótica.

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RIP Jose Cortes. You will be missed.

(Jose Cortes' family has given consent to participate this Power User interview.)