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Magenta W & Drinky

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작성일2015/12/18 16:18 Hit1,647
It's almost year-end. 
Here are few robots that will make your year-end party even more fun! 

1. Bomb Shot Maker Robot: Magenta W [Magenta Robotics] 

[photo credit: The Asia N]

Magenta W is a bomb shot maker robot which was developed by Magenta Robotics.
Its arms are made of "ROBOTIS Dynamixel Manipulators". 
Magenta W will mix beer and Soju for you!


2. Drinking Robot: Drinky [EunChan Park]

[photo credit: The Asia N]

Drinky robot was developed by ROBOTIS Power User, EunChan Park.  
It doesn't tallk but it will definitely be a good friend for you when you need someone to drink with! cheeky
It's made of ROBOTIS Dynamixel, AX-18 servos. 


More video from FB: https://www.facebook.com/eunchan.park/videos/1021436714585734/