DYNAMIXEL | I want to control the DYNAMIXEL with my custom made controller.

Hit 1,911


You will need a separate communication circuit to move the DYNAMIXEL.
Please refer to the details on e-Manual.
The DYNAMIXEL communicates on packet structure.
Please refer to the e-Manual for details.
Communication 1.0 (all DYNAMIXEL products excluding XL-320 and PRO)
Communication 2.0 (XL-320 and PRO)

Please check the control table of the DYNAMIXEL you are using.
The control table is different for each product, so please search for the product you are using on e-Manual  directory below.
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1. Please set the communication speed the same between the DYNAMIXEL and controller.
   -> You will not be able to communicate if the communication speed is different.
2. Please make sure there aren’t any duplicate ID’s.
   -> There may be a communication error if there is a duplicate ID.