Exploring Robotics with DARWIN MINI

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15-01-12 14:46 Hit 6,087

Many people think building robot is COOL.
But they will soon find out it is not as easy as it looks  
and it takes quite a few knowledge and experience
to program and play around robots. 

named after the famous DARWIN-OP character and
selected as the best 10 robots in 2014 by New York Times.

Prof. Chi Thai, an engineering professor at Univ of Georgia 
guides you step-by-step to explore robotics with ROBOTIS DARWIN MINI.  

For more information, please visit his personal webpage. 

Intro: ROBOTIS Darwin mini: unpacking kit

Network: Using BT with OpenCM-904-C

H/W: Darwin-mini Construction Tips 1

H/W: Darwin-mini: Adding servo 17

S/W: CM-9.04-C & RoboPlus 1.0 Suite: Task, Manager & Motion

S/W: CM 904 C Light Show using TASK and default MTNX pages

Management: Update Firmware on OpenCM-9.04-C

Management: Updating/Recovering Firmware on XL-320s using an OpenCM-9.04-B & Dynamixel Wizard

Network: Dual Control of 2 Darwin minis

S/W: Darwin-Mini Motion Programming 1

S/W: Darwin Mini Motion Programming 2

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