[UGA] LabVIEW Virtual RC-100

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10-07-24 04:08 Hit 8,617

Virtual RC-100 in action.gif

This program was created to test the functionality of the Zigbee and Dynamixel SDKs and to verify that they could be imported into LabVIEW.  This VI was created using a USB2Dynamixel/Zig2Serial/Zig-100 set up for wireless operation.


The Virtual RC-100 can accept multiple simultaneous key presses or a single mouse click.  Unfortunately, the current Zigbee SDK cannot provide any notice of the arrival of a plain (non-zigbee packet) ASCII stream by the "Print" or "Print with Line" commands executed from a given TSK file.  Because of this, the program can only log the raw data of received packets in decimal format in the box to the right of the controller.  With some modification to the Zigbee SDK or use of the LabVIEW VISA serial port system, the program could provide a real version of  the terminal output of the RoboPlus Task program.

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