Wirelessly controlling your Bioloid robot using the ZIG-100 Module.

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Wirelessly controlling your Bioloid robot using the ZIG-100 Module. 




If you have the products above, you can use the remote controller to control your Bioloid robot. (Beginner or Comprehensive) All of our products can be purchase from our online shop or contact us for our partner’s information in your area.



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     [Assemble onto the CM-5]                                                   [Assemble onto the RC-100]



1.  The ZIG-100 is composed of 2 pieces that make 1 set.

      Install one on your robot’s CM-5 and the other on your controller (RC-100)which you will be using

      as a remote controller. 


2.   The method of installing the ZIG-100 module on your robot is included in the CD which comes with

      your robot kit. Please refer to page 97 on the PDF User’s Guide. “ZIGBEE Wireless Manipulation”.


3.  Please refer the ZIG-100 page for more information.



4.  All ZIG-100 modules sold after APRIL/2007 are not soldiered and have been made into clip-on types

    for your convenience.

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