Error Message

페이지 정보

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Error Message


 - Symptoms

 (Example) ERROR:8100[XXXX:XX]004 XX XX XX

 - Error Name : Dynamixel Approach Error

 - Error Description : Approached invalid cell ID. This ID does not exist or its cables are damaged.


 - Description

   : The part where it shows 004 in the error message above shows that that the Dynamixel with ID #4

      has a problem. Thus meaning, Dynamixel #4, is not properly connected or is unable to find the

      Dynamixel due to cable problems.


 - Trouble Shoot

   : Check whether the LED of all the Dynamixels blink once when power is supplied. If an AX-S1

      is connected, it will let out a “Beep~” sound.

   : Check whether the cable is properly connected or cable sheath has been damaged.

   : Check whether the Dynamixel has the correct ID. (Check for duplicate IDs as well.)

   : Using the Behavior Control Program, check whether is a Dynamixel which have been programmed.

     (Example :If you’ve created a program sending a command to Dynamixel with ID #1, check whether

      this Dynamixel with ID #1 is connected.)



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