Modifying your humanoid’s actuator offset

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Modifying your humanoid’s actuator offset 


Unlike the example, humanoid walk on two feet, and because balance affects this robot a lot, it is difficult to get the correct offset. It is very unlikely that you’ll be able to solve this problem with the example programs. You will have to set it a couple of times, to get the proper balance.

Here a few tips!


- Please refer to page 206~208. Be sure to set the same or similar offset as in the figure.

- The robot’s left and right angle must be alike.  When looking at its angle, look at front, back, left and right side.

- Turn the robot around to see if the foot is even. Using a ruler will help.

- Instead of having its upper body be vertical with the ground, stooping a bit will help.

- Spreading its legs a bit and bring the hip down a bit will make its walk more stable.

- When the robot falls forward or backward, do not modify the entire leg movement.  Simply modify the ankle (ID# 15 and 16) and pelvis (ID# 11 and 12)

- If the robot leans too much to the left or right when walking, turn off the actuator (ID 9, 10, 17, and 18) that move sideways.

- When the robot balance has been messed up after too much offsetting, instead of fixing it use the default motion and modify it.

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