For getting the most from your ROBOTIS kit, various software applications are available according to the user’s technical skill level or desired experience.
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to begin using your ROBOTIS kit?
Free, simple and powerful -- RoboPlus (R+) software is designed to help you begin creating and programming with ROBOTIS kits straight out of the box.
R+ Task 2.0
Using this graphical programming tool, instructions are created in a simplified version of C-Language code and downloaded to the ROBOTIS controller. Contains the power and flexibility of more common text-based programming applications and requires minimal coding experience.
Recommended Ages 8+
R+ Motion 2.0
Use our motion editor tool to easily create complex robot poses which can be linked together to create full movement routines. Once downloaded to the ROBOTIS controller, motion files can be played back from R+ Motion 2.0 or inserted into code made in R+ Task 2.0.
Recommended Ages 8+
R+ Manager
Our firmware management tool can be used to test and update sensors, motors, controllers and servos.
Recommended Ages 12+
R+ Task 3.0
R+ Task 3.0 is an integrated software tool that combines R+ Task 2.0 and R+ Motion 2.0
Recommended Ages 12+
R+ Design
This 3D design tool can be used as an interactive guide for step-by-step robot assembly. The optional “Creator Mode” allows users to prototype and develop their own structures based on ROBOTIS components.
Recommended Ages 6+
RoboPlus Suite 1.0
This older all-in-one version of our RoboPlus software provides similar features to RoboPlus 2.0 but includes additional compatibility for firmware management with legacy ROBOTIS devices: CM-5, CM510/CM530, CM700, Dynamixel AX-Series & MX-Series
Recommended Ages 8~12+
Are you looking for the ability to control your ROBOTIS kit from a mobile device or smartphone?
R+ m.Task / R+ m.Motion / R+ Task 3.0 / R+ m.Design
These mobile versions of our software offer similar functionality to select R+ 2.0 and R+ 3.0 applications but have been specialized for use with mobile devices running on Google Android or Apple iOS ( NOTE: R+ m.Design lacks the “Creator Mode” capability! )
R+ m.PLAY 700 / ROBOTIS Mini App
These specialized mobile applications for Google Android and Apple iOS will connect with specific robot kits for enhanced functionality and control.
For more information, please visit the Google Play App Store (for Android) or Apple iTunes App Store (for iOS)!
Are you looking for Visual Programming with Scratch or Google Blockly?
“Block-based” and “event-based” programming emphasizes computational thinking without requiring prior experience in text-based programming languages.
R+ Scratch
This helper app allows select ROBOTIS controllers to connect to Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor and program robots in the Scratch block-programming language.
Recommended Ages 7+
The EdBot Software transforms your ROBOTIS Mini into an EdBot! Once configured, the ROBOTIS Mini may be programmed in the Scratch block-programming language.
Recommended Ages 7+
Google Blockly
This drag-and-drop interface creates code from your program blocks! Code generated in Google Blockly can be copied into a programming application for the language of your choice. Our partners at Dabit Industries have made it possible to control the ROBOTIS TurtleBot 3 using their TurtleBot3 Blockly interface!
Are you looking for text-based programming in C++, Java, Python and more?
Text-based programming languages are traditionally used for real-world applications in programming and computer science.
For an Arduino-like programming experience, OpenCM IDE can be used to program the ROBOTIS OpenCM9.04 controller included with the ROBOTIS Mini. It includes example sketches specific to the Dynamixel communication protocol and OLLO sensors.
Recommended Ages 10+
Arduino IDE
Select ROBOTIS “Open” controllers can be used with Arduino programming software – users can now take advantage of popular Arduino sketches and sensor tutorials on the OpenCM9.04 inside the ROBOTIS Mini!
Recommended Ages 12+
The EdBot Software transforms your ROBOTIS Mini into an EdBot! Once configured, the ROBOTIS Mini can be programmed in C/C++/C# as well as Java, Python, .NET, Perl, and many other text-based programming languages.
Recommended Ages Vary with Code Language
Embedded C
Custom firmware exploration is an option for users who would like to explore embedded programming in C-language with the ROBOTIS CM-530 controller in BIOLOID Premium, GP and STEM kits.
Recommended Ages 14+
Dynamixel SDK
For the advanced user who wishes to implement their own embedded controller solution or Single-Board Computer (SBC) we have developed a cross-platform, multi-language Source Development Kit (SDK) that can be used to accelerate custom ROBOTIS Dynamixel control source code.
Recommended Ages 14+
Based on ROBOTIS Controller or Hardware Selection
Controller: CM-20
Robot Kit: PLAY 600
Controller: CM-50
Robot Kit: PLAY 700
Controller: CM-150
Robot Kit: DREAM Series
Controller: OpenCM9.04
Robot Kit: ROBOTIS Mini

Controller: CM-530
Robot Kit: BIOLOID Stem, Premium & GP
Controller: CM-550