12 Received '2020 Korea Regulatory Innovation Awards' Small and Medium Venture Minister Award
06 Selected as a robot industry core technology development project in 2020 (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
06 Launched the first waterproof all-in-one actuator in Korea
04 Non-face-to-face robot delivery pilot service implementation (with Bendis)
12 Demonstration Approved for Industry Sandbox Regulation (Outdoor Autonomous Robot Delivery)
11 Selected as World Class Product of Korea 2019
10 MOU with MAXON Motor
12 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea International Trade Association)
11 Awarded the Excellent Scientific Cultural Product at the 1st Science & Creativity Annual Conference 2018 (Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity)
10 Listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Exchange)
06 Office and R&D moved into Magok (ROBOTIS Campus)
07 CTO awarded the 8th ATC Technology Innovation Award (Korea)
12 THORMANG selected as World-Class product (Korea)
12 CEO awarded Industrial Service Medal (Korea)
06 Competed in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals as TEAM ROBOTIS
03 Awarded the Industrial Technology Award (Korea)
12 DARWIN MINI selected as top best robots for 2014
12 Awarded ‘Jeong Yak-yong Award’ for Patent Technology (Korea)
12 Awarded Technology Award from Korea Robotics Society (Korea)
12 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
06 ISO Certified for 14001:2004
06 ISO Certified for 9001:2008
06 Selected as an IP Star Company (Korea)
12 DYNAMIXEL selected as World-Class product (Korea)
11 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
10 Awarded the President of Robot Technology Award at Robot Grand Challenge (Korea)
06 Selected as the Head of the Government funded Pilot Robot Distribution Idea Project for International Market (Korea)
01 Officially launched DARwIn-OP funded by NSF USA.
11 Selected as a sole agency for the Parts and Materials Technology Development Project (Korea)
05 Selected as a Professional Supplier of Parts and Materials (Korea)
12 Awarded the President of Korea Robot Award (Korea)
11 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
10 Co-produced TV drama “World’s best robot Competition” with EBS
10 Founded our USA office in California
09 Office and factory moved into Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
06 Selected as the Head of the Industrial Technology Development Project-UCR (Korea)
02 Selected as a pilot robot education supplier company (Korea)
12 Officially launched OLLO, an educational robot kit for children
10 Awarded the Good Design Award for humanoid URIA in Korea
04 Tech support for Robot Power a weekly TV program by EBS (Korea)
04 Officially launched URIA, the first running humanoid in Korea
12 CEO awarded Top 100 People to Brighten the World (Korea)
09 Set up a robot exhibition system in English Village Paju Camp (Korea)
08 Set up system for Themed Robo Park at Transfer Technology Experience Hall (Korea)
07 Officially launched BIOLOID
11 Awarded Excellence Award at Intelligent Robot Technology Evaluation Competition (Korea)
05 Entered the Robot Research Zone at Bucheon Techno Park (Korea)
11 Certified as an Excellent Quality for Robot Exclusive Actuator (Korea)
10 Officially launched DYNAMIXEL Actuators
12 Selected as an Inno-Biz company (Korea)
10 Awarded the YOUNG FRONTIER Award in Korea (Korea)
07 Office moved into Yeongdungpo-gu, Seoul
07 Started official export of DIDI & TITI to USA
05 Started official export of DIDI & TITI to Japan
04 Established ROBOTIS Co., LTD