Founded in 1999, our company name ROBOTIS derived from a simple response to the philosophical question “What is a robot?” and since then we have been commercializing personal robots. In 1969 robots were first put into the manufacturing industry, and as we entered the 21st century they were put into factories, working for humanity in a variety of specialties ranging from medical, defense, security, logistics and agriculture. The so-called professional service robot era has opened, and is now running for the personal service robot era with technologies such as A.I. and HRI.

Upon entering the “Robotization” era where all business fields are applying robotics, ROBOTIS contributes to sharing and spreading technology among robot developers by offering a modularized and standardized solution for robot technology.

Use our technology to develop childhood dreams into reality. We provide creativity!
Byoung Soo Kim, Robotis Ltd. CEO
Our Philosophy
Our imagination goes into technology through creative education, and technology spreads to the world through a shared network. When the global competencies come together to create a civilized future which we’ve all dream of, these benefits finally return to mankind again. The virtuous circle of civilization. This is what we think the role of a company is.
Current Business
Creative Robot Education 'ROBOTIS KIDSLAB'
ROBOTIS 'KIDSLAB' is a creative robot education curriculum created by world-class robotics scholars. It is a hands-on creative education solution that develops an engineering mind through algorithms. The ROBOTIS kits used in educational and research robots from kindergarten to elementary, junior high and high school are also used in various joint robots and humanoid contests.
Robot Building Solution “Dynamixel”
Our products are sold to over 60 countries world-wide and is used in various field such as: Kinetic Art, STEAM Education, Robot Sports, Rescue/Surveillance, Medical/Military, etc. We provide solutions for professionals in each field to implement their creative ideas as real robots and focus on supplying drive devices, controllers, development platforms, and humanoids.
Key Facilities and Competencies
  • ▲ Our HQ is located in Seoul.
  • ▲ Lectures are offered in HQ on weekends and has cultivated over 1,000 robotics instructors.
  • ▲ Our exhibition hall displays our products and robots created and donated by our customers.
  • ▲ Our factory in Seoul is near HQ with the capacity to manufacture of 500,000 Dynamixels and other parts per year.
  • ▲ROBOTIS INC : Our US office located in Irvine, CA is in charge of sales and technical support in the US.
  • ▲ Our R&D consists of Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Design sections with equipments ready to fabricate various parts and PCB. Our 2nd R&S laboratory specializes in Precision Machining for Grade 1 gear reduction modules. In 2013, our R&D was designated as an Advanced Technology Research Center (ATC) by the Ministry of Industry and has its own reliability and performance evaluation equipment.
07 CTO awarded the 8th ATC Technology Innovation Award (Korea)
12 THORMANG selected as World-Class product (Korea)
12 CEO awarded Industrial Service Medal (Korea)
06 Competed in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals as TEAM ROBOTIS
03 Awarded the Industrial Technology Award (Korea)
12 DARWIN MINI selected as top best robots for 2014
12 Awarded ‘Jeong Yak-yong Award’ for Patent Technology (Korea)
12 Awarded Technology Award from Korea Robotics Society (Korea)
12 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
06 ISO Certified for 14001:2004
06 ISO Certified for 9001:2008
06 Selected as an IP Star Company (Korea)
12 DYNAMIXEL selected as World-Class product (Korea)
11 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
10 Awarded the President of Robot Technology Award at Robot Grand Challenge (Korea)
06 Selected as the Head of the Government funded Pilot Robot Distribution Idea Project for International Market (Korea)
01 Officially launched DARwIn-OP funded by NSF USA.
11 Selected as a sole agency for the Parts and Materials Technology Development Project (Korea)
05 Selected as a Professional Supplier of Parts and Materials (Korea)
12 Awarded the President of Korea Robot Award (Korea)
11 Awarded the Export Tower Award (Korea)
10 Co-produced TV drama “World’s best robot Competition” with EBS
10 Founded our USA office in California
09 Office and factory moved into Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
06 Selected as the Head of the Industrial Technology Development Project-UCR (Korea)
02 Selected as a pilot robot education supplier company (Korea)
12 Officially launched OLLO, an educational robot kit for children
10 Awarded the Good Design Award for humanoid URIA in Korea
04 Tech support for Robot Power a weekly TV program by EBS (Korea)
04 Officially launched URIA, the first running humanoid in Korea
12 CEO awarded Top 100 People to Brighten the World (Korea)
09 Set up a robot exhibition system in English Village Paju Camp (Korea)
08 Set up system for Themed Robo Park at Transfer Technology Experience Hall (Korea)
07 Officially launched BIOLOID
11 Awarded Excellence Award at Intelligent Robot Technology Evaluation Competition (Korea)
05 Entered the Robot Research Zone at Bucheon Techno Park (Korea)
11 Certified as an Excellent Quality for Robot Exclusive Actuator (Korea)
10 Officially launched DYNAMIXEL Actuators
12 Selected as an Inno-Biz company (Korea)
10 Awarded the YOUNG FRONTIER Award in Korea (Korea)
07 Office moved into Yeongdungpo-gu, Seoul
07 Started official export of DIDI & TITI to USA
05 Started official export of DIDI & TITI to Japan
04 Founded ROBOTIS Headquarters