Lessons & Standards

Looking for robotics curriculum that is ready to go out of the box?
ROBOTIS is creating educational kits that are not only innovative and fun, but also easy for parents and teachers to begin robotics education right away! All kits come with the assembly workbook or curriculum workbook included.

Our curriculum workbooks are provided with the majority of our robotics kits for simple integration to any existing classroom or club! Each curriculum workbook has 12 chapters, and multiple reconfigurable robot examples.
Interested in NGSS & CCSS Adaptable Curriculum?
Our ROBOTIS educational kits can easily be implemented in many different settings from after school programs and short term classes, to full 8-week and 16-week long classes. The ROBOTIS kits’ lesson plans can be easily adaptable to align with the NGSS and CCSS framework. Here is an example of a 3rd party curriculum with NGSS Standards applied. The NGSS codes applied are: 3-5-ETS1, 4-PS4, MS-ETS1, 3-PS2, and 5-PS2.

STEM principles are covered in detail within the lesson plan, and the progressive nature of our kits ensures that the students are constantly engaged. The modularity of the kits allows students to build many different robot examples, and encourage students to be creative with their own robot builds.
Interested in coding in different languages using ROBOTIS systems?
ROBOTIS with Scratch?
The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 can be programmed using Scratch, a drag and drop programming language, perfect for students who are just learning how to code. Our partner and dear friend, CNT Robotics(Dr. Chi N. Thai) has written a curriculum textbook, which utilizes the PLAY 700, and focuses on programming.

ROBOTIS with Python, Java and much more?
Do you want the ROBOTIS MINI to speak many different Programming languages? With Edbot, it can!

The Edbot software can turn the ROBOTIS MINI into a powerful tool to teach coding in multiple programming languages in the classroom setting, or for personal teaching & learning. Edbot can speak C++, Java, Python, Sratch, and much more.

Edbot Is A Hit In Schools from Edbot on Vimeo.

ROBOTIS with Google Blockly?
Do you want to program robots with Google Blockly? Our partner Dabit Industries has made it possible to program the TurtleBot 3 robot platform using Google Blockly.
ROBOTIS + 3D Printing?
Are you looking for Customizing & 3D Printing Opportunities with ROBOTIS? See for yourself!