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AX-12 Interface to PC Serial RS232 and PIC Microcontroller
2007-06-27 09:16:00
Dear Friends;
I need information how to control AX-12 (TTL) from serial port of PC (RS232). What are the voltage levels required ? True RS232 from PC is is +12V = bit OFF and -12V = bit ON. Is the AX-12 +5V bit ON and 0V bit OFF ? Or inverted ? Does someone have a schematic of an interface ? I would also
like to see an snippet of BASIC code like PicBasic or BasicStamp.
Thanks for any help.
2007-06-27 09:16:00
2008-08-28 15:14:00 ROBOTIS
Hi, friend.Thank you for waiting.I believe you are talking about the RS232 level.As you are aware the RS232 level is an inversed signal(with level changed) of a general serial communication port(UART).
2008-08-28 15:14:00
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