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goal position and syncwrite-package
2008-06-30 11:38:00
      I have some problem about your RX-28. When i send the syncwrite-package to your
   motor try to change the angle, but the motor sometime doesn't do any thing for this package.
   and I send the goal position to the motor the motor still can move a little angle. what data should I set?
   can solve the problem.
2008-06-30 11:38:00
2008-08-28 16:47:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Hao che,I am also using RX-28 and trying to control it via PC.Have you been able to control the RX-28 using the write instruction yet? I have been trying it out (examples in RX-28 manual) but nothing is working out for me.I read your problem and felt like we both have the same issue.So please tell me if you get a solution to your issue.Thanks!!!Runi
2008-08-28 16:47:00
2008-08-28 16:48:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Hao-che & Runi,Thank you for your questions.I will need some more information on the system environment.Will be waiting for your reply on the above.ROBOTIS
2008-08-28 16:48:00
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