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Angular uncertainty of AX-12+?
2009-05-30 05:56:00
I'm considering using an AX-12+ as a tilt head for a sensing application, and I'm curious to know the angular uncertainty of the servo. The documentation implies that there are 1024 positions available in a 300-degree arc, but says nothing about the uncertainty. Similarly, it indicates that servo returns the actual position as well as the requested position, but does not specify the uncertainty there, either.


2009-05-30 05:56:00
2009-07-06 14:18:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Mac, To adjust the part about the angular effect : Our products possess a 0.29 degrees resolving power. (300degrees/1024 = 0.29degrees) There is a error of 0.58 degrees on each side when you see from the target position. There you will be able to set the error in the program. There is a part about Margin/Slope in the dynamixel’s manual. This is the margin value’s error allowance area and basically, the value of 1 is inputted on each side. Apart from this, if the motor is used a lot, there may be a gear may not meet with each other perfectly causing greater error range. The more the gear is used, the greater the preciseness will decrease. When many factors collaborate, this brings the angles preciseness down. However, if the angles strays severly, there may be problem with the potentiometer. ROBOTIS
2009-07-06 14:18:00
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