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Problems with Bioloid CM-5 and zig2serial
2009-07-01 02:16:00

 I have just started to get familiarized with the Bioloid Comprehensive Kits.
We have 2 of them.
Following the instructions in the manual, I assembled the dinosaur robot
(Quick Start Manual, pages 160-171) and used the example program. In the
beginning the robot worked correctly. Then, I installed the Zig-100 module
in the CM-5 module. After doing that, the robot firstly begun to work strangely
(the movements were not correct) and then it stopped working. I tried to
connect the CM-5 again directly to the PC, but the connection failed. I have
verified all connections.
Continuing the tests with the CM-5, I realized that it had a strange
After powering it up, the lights blink faster and slow down. When I push the
MODE button all leds turn off (including the power led) and the CM-5 I not
able to recharge the battery. I already verified the CM-5 fuse and it is ok.
The 2nd CM-5 seems to be working correctly. So, how can I fix the first
There is a problem with the zig2serial module too. I have connected a serial
cable and a 5 V power supply to it, but apparently it does not work since
there is no response when I try connecting using the robot terminal program.

2009-07-01 02:16:00
2009-07-04 02:28:00 Jeeves
I had alread tried to restore and repair the CM-5, but both failed. When I tried to repair the CM-5 the menssage appeared: "It is failed to run CM-5 Bootloader, please retry." We have ZIG100 module, and I am not sure if they are damaged. The problem is the ZIG2SERIAL module and I would like to use it to test the ZIG100. However the ZIG2SERIAL is not working. Concerned with connections to the ZIG2SERIAL, I don’t see in the manual the 5 V power supply polarity of it. Then, I looked for the pin short-circuited to pin 5 of the serial connector (GND). Doing tests with the zig2serial, with the correct 5V polarity, I realized that the voltage on pin 2 of the zig100 connection (zig100 power supply) is 0 V. In relation to connection between ZIG2SERIAL and PC, I do tests using two types of serial cables. The normal cable and the crossed one. Thanks for your help and I am waiting for suggestions as soon as possible.
2009-07-04 02:28:00
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