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zig100 problem
2009-07-09 06:32:00


     Making tests with the zig100 and the zig2serial when I send a data from CM-5 (with zig100) to the PC (other zig100/zig2serial) it works correctly, but when I send a data from PC to CM-5 it don't respond. The RXD led of CM-5 blink when I send the data but the "RX Remocon data arrived" still 0.
     I am using the "Wirelles Data_RX.bpg" example program.
     How can I resolve this?

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2009-07-09 06:32:00
2009-07-10 11:41:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Jeeves, There is a basic packet form in our wireless communication for our products. The program you download (Wirelles Data_RX.bpg) works with RC-100 and CM-5 with a ZIG-100, and ouputs the data for the button you pressed onto your monitor. However, if you send wireless data using the zig2serial, it will receive but can not be seen as it does not fit the form. That is why it does not work. On the otherhand, when sending the wireless data from the CM5 to the PC, the form fits so there is no problem. ROBOTIS
2009-07-10 11:41:00
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