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Controlling AX-12+ servo table with RobotTerminal
2009-07-10 00:58:00


I want to learn and become a "RobotTerminal Master", so I want to learn how to understend how to directly control the
servo's table using the RobotTerminal, my main problem is that I need some missed info pieces that don't allow me
to mix the info in the "User's Guide" and the "AX-12+" docs...

For instance, the AX-12+ docs show lote of examples like:

Position the output of a Dynamixel actuator with an ID of 0 to 0° and Position the output of a Dynamixel actuator with an ID of 1 to 300°, and initiate the movement at the same time.
->[Dynamixel]:FF FF 00 05 04 1E 00 00 D8 (LEN:009)
<-[Dynamixel]:FF FF 00 02 00 FD (LEN:006)

So to do that I have to send something like: FF FF 00 05 04 1E 00 00 D8

I know thatf from the RobotTerminal I have the "rd" and "wr" commands, but the "User's Guide" docs just show a simple write to the function that control the servo led, like:
wr 25 1

So, how to use the "wr" command to set the GOAL_POSITION_L and GOAL_POSITION_H servo functions and by the way, how do I calculate the L and H part of a desired
goal position??

I know that I can use something more simple like "go 500 1000", but that make the servo to move instantly, I want to write several GOAL_POSITION_L and GOAL_POSITION_H on different
servos and the execute something like the "SYNC WRITE" function specified on the AX-12+ doc...

Same would be good for the use of the "rd" command for servo functions that involve "L" and "H" values from functions...

In summary, how do I use the "rd" and "wr" functions to control the servos functions?



2009-07-10 00:58:00
2009-07-14 22:03:00 buhochileno
Thanks!!, yep I going to study hard, lot to learn and practice, so probably more questions later Sensei "J" :-) ..Thanks a lotMauricio
2009-07-14 22:03:00
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2009-07-15 04:29:00 buhochileno
Hi master "J", your Padawan Mauricio here again...Very happy to tell you that I now able to write different commands to make the servo to move to where I want at the speed that I want, also able to read the data from the servos table and more important to "understend" that data :-) ..Still have a couple of questions doubts, the first one is about the WR command, witch seems to be like the "WRITE_DATA" servo function right?, becouse when I do something like: WR 1E E8 3 F4 1 the servo moves inmidialty, so to set severall servos I need something like "REG_WRITE" witch can be acomplish using "REG_WR" ?, if it so, then how do I trigger the movement of the servos?, can you provide me a simple example in witch 2 servos positions are set and then trigger the actual movement? (like move the 2 servos at the same time...)Also doing a a "help" in the robotterminal (CM-5 v1.15) I see the following available command:HEX [NUM][NUM]... : Transmite raw data. ex)Hex FF FF 01 03witch seems very helpfull, acording to the description and example it can be used to send directly raw data to the servos bus, in that case I can send packages directly in the dynamixel package format...But at least with my CM-5 v1.15 the "hex" command only change to " HEXA DISPLAY MODE" and "dec" to " DECIMAL DISPLAY MODE", any other command to send data in the "raw" format as the terminal help description for "hex" command says?Thanks for your time...Mauricio
2009-07-15 04:29:00
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2009-07-17 07:09:00 buhochileno
Thanks it works perfect...Mauricio
2009-07-17 07:09:00
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