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N:N Communication
2009-07-10 05:29:00


I own two Robotis Bioloid Expert kits.

I'm trying to stablish N:N communication among them, but I find the expert manual explanation quite ambiguous.

In page 106 when you write "the ID of opposing Zig-100 units must be set to FF in hexadecimal", Do you mean the actual Zigbee ID or Destiny Address?

I've tried setting both Zig-Bee's  (the one conected to the USB2Serial and the one attached to the CM-5) destiny address to FFFF but it did not worked.

You recommend short the R7 resistance, but... Is there any warranty following this step?

I'll appreciate all your responses. Thank you.

2009-07-10 05:29:00
2009-07-13 12:58:00 pudding
Hi, ramontt. http://www.robotis.com/zbxe/?mid=software_en&page=2&document_srl=5423 ZIG-100 Manual.. in page 8, you can find BroadCasting Mode. and you must confirm about channel set. (through hardware setting)
2009-07-13 12:58:00
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2009-07-13 13:28:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Ramontt, In order to do a N:N communication, you will need to set the destination address of the 2 zigbee’s to FFFF. Also, it is set so that the ID can not be changed. You mentioned that it did not work, this is because you have not short R7. Try shorting R7 for N/N communication. And like pudding said, please refer to the manual for more information. ROBOTIS
2009-07-13 13:28:00
2010-03-29 23:21:00 bala
hello CM-5 is not getting turn on...initially it was working for 2-3 days but now wen we give power it gets blink only once n den turn off.
2010-03-29 23:21:00
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