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RX-64 CAD Drawing
2009-07-15 23:49:00



I want to do some simulation in Autodesk inventor 2010 and need a CAD drawing with dimension format .igs is fine of your RX-64


Thank you

David L Wasler

2009-07-15 23:49:00
2009-07-20 16:44:00 ROBOTIS
Hi David, Please refer to the below link. http://www.robotis.com/zbxe/?mid=software_en&category=7488&document_srl=5429 If this does not work, please check in our DOWNLOAD page under 3D drawings. ROBOTIS
2009-07-20 16:44:00
2009-07-21 02:50:00 David
Hi: Thank you for the reply. I review RX-64 3D zip there no CAD drawing for the RX-64 actuator just the frame components drawing for the RX-64 I seeking a 3D drawing of the RX-64 Dynamixel actuator Thank You David L Wasler
2009-07-21 02:50:00
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2009-07-21 10:11:00 ROBOTIS
Dear David, If you open the zip file, among the files you’ll see rx64_m, rx64_h, and rx64_t. These files are of the RX-64 actuator’s when in normal, hinge, and thrust type. n : normal h: hinge t : thrust (normal + horn idle) I have attached them here for your convenience. If this is not what you are asking for, I’m afraid I do not know which are in need of. ROBOTIS
2009-07-21 10:11:00
2009-10-06 03:19:00 Doug
I am seeking a cad drawing of the included servo horn with the hole pattern included. I am trying to use the RX-64 for prototyping, but I need to machine some adapters between existing parts and the RX-64 included servo horn. Are there drawings available of the hole pattern?Thanks,Doug
2009-10-06 03:19:00
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