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CM-5 robot based programming questions..
2009-07-22 12:42:00


Reading the Expert manual about CM-5 robot based programming I came up with some questions:

First one is about downloading a program writed on win-avr and libcm5, the expert manual show it instructions about how to download  the program to the cm-5 at address 0000, witch I suppose that it replace the included cm-5 firmware, so my question if is posible to download the program to other address to keep the default cm-5 firmware and also have the compiled program on it?

Second is about poses/pages, a program writed for win-avr and libcm5 can call allready stored poses/pages?

Finnally is about linux compability, I know that there is still no official linux support, but as I read on Windows win-avr and gcc+avr libs is correct to supose that setting up correctly the compiler and links on linux it would be posible to make a program using your libcm5 and gcc+avr on linux?, or in your included libs (like the libcm5 one) do you use specific win32 calls/libs ?



2009-07-22 12:42:00
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