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chips used by Wireless camera set..
2009-07-30 00:11:00


I'm currently patching the linux v4l kernel modules to correctly detect the wireless camera receiver included in the expert kit, but I need to know any specifications that you can give me, specially the turner chip used..,

I know that linux is not officialy supported, but I'm doing this by my own fro free for all, so if later you want to officialy suport linux, your camera set is going to be ready for that.

I don't need any propietary/critical info, just the chip model used, specially for the turner.



2009-07-30 00:11:00
2009-07-30 02:05:00 buhochileno
Hi,Never mind, I can happy inform you (in case some customer ask) that the wireless camera set now work on linux just perfect, so any recent distro can used without much problems...Mauricio
2009-07-30 02:05:00
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2009-07-30 14:36:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Mauricio, Bravo!! As you know we do not support Linux, so I was actually unable to help you out, but you are improving!! You will now be receiving some e-mails from those who want this information :) Kayla Kim
2009-07-30 14:36:00
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