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Bioloid can't work after reset.
2009-08-01 16:11:00



I am facing many problem about the bioloid after been reset the ax-12.The software such as  BehaviorControlProgrammer(eng) and MotionEditor(eng). Now i can't manage to read the position from motion editor, it just like the command/ addresses inside the microcontroller is gone ..

Is there any step can able to restore back the bioloid back as normal?

2009-08-01 16:11:00
2009-08-05 17:59:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Adam, Thank you for your question. If you reset the AX-12+ dynamixel., it will reset the ID and communication speed to its default. ID should now be 1 and the communication speed : 1Mbps You may have over-lapping(duplicated) IDs so please check the dynamixels one at a time. ROBOTIS
2009-08-05 17:59:00
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