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AX-S1 don't recognized by CM-5-
2009-08-14 06:33:00


I currently face a situation in witch one of my AX-S1 is not finded by the "scan" or "search" command on my CM-5 (the reset commnad also don't seems to have any effect..), I also try to change the ID with a ID_changing.bgp that I find in the robotis site, but nothing...I previously face a simillar scenario but with a AX-12+ servo, in that case I use the USB2Dynamixel "manager" program that was able to find the servo (with a wrong boud setting..) and I was able to set there the correct bouds and ID, but that's was not the case for the AX-S1, trying to use the usb2dynamixel manager program even doing a "full search" and it was not abel to find the AX-S1 sensor, what can I do?, the servo have fuse that can be replaced?, can you provide a AX-S1 firmware + instructions to try a firmware restoration?



2009-08-14 06:33:00
2009-08-20 16:12:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Adrin, If you have overlapping IDs for the AX-12+, it may not be found using the search function. First, connect ONE Dynamixel to the CM-5 and use the Robot Terminal in MANAGE MODE to use the SEARCH function to find the Dynamixel. Please refer to the image in the link. http://www.robotis.com/zbxe/info_ko/28429 If you are able to find AX-12+ using the Search function, you may then change the ID to whichever you want. IF it still does not work, please contact the distributor whom you’ve purchase your item from for repair. ROBOTIS
2009-08-20 16:12:00
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