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Two RX64 dynamixels have gone without reasons again.
2009-08-17 11:58:00

Dear Robotis,

I just found two malfunction RX64 dynamixels. 

1. For the first malfunction RX64 dynamixel condition,

               1.1 It is not able to be searched by the USB2Dynamixel manager.

               1.2 LED turn on always after connecting power

2. For the second malfunction RX64 dynamixel condition,

               2.1 LED turns on and off after connecting power. (It seems OK.)

               2.2 It is able to be searched by the USB2Dynamixel manager but spending more time.

               2.3 It cannot be controlled and found the error like this.

                      !  Dynamixel access failed!

                         Please check USB2Dynamixel, dynaixel(s), and power connection.

               2.4 I tried to search it again, it can be searched sometime.

               2.5 I tried to update its firmware. After that it is not able to be searched by the USB2Dynamixel manager any more.  And its LED turns on always after connecting power


               1. Are there any other cautions besides wrong power connection or ESD or over torque load which can damage your Dynamixels?

               2. Can I connect many types of Dynamixels in same network?  In my project I used many types of Dynamixels in one robot arm such as two EX106s, three RX64s, two RX28 and three RX10s. After I’ve got a problem of one EX106 and two RX64s, I replaced the new ones in my robot arm. They are still work at this moment but I’ve worried that they may be malfunction again.  Please suggest me.



2009-08-17 11:58:00
2009-08-20 16:06:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Amon, Both the RX-64 seems to be having firmware problems. If the LED is continuously ON, it means the firmware is having problems. Please contact the distributor whom you’ve purchased the dynamixels from for repair. QUESTION #1 Here’s a few more precautions. If the cables covers have worn out or short, you must be cautious so that the cable connection is properly done. When updating, if the power is unstable or the wrong file has been uploaded, the restoration may be IMPOSSIBLE. QUESTION #2 Yes, you can connect different types of Dynamixels. However, you must make sure there are NO overlapping IDs. Each Dynamixel has different voltage specifications, so please refer to the specs and manual to avoid voltage problems. ROBOTIS
2009-08-20 16:06:00
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