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How could the CM-5 receive data from an additional sensor?
2009-09-15 11:39:00
I want to add another sensor on the robot  , but I've no idea how could the CM-5 communicate with the sensor.
Is there any method ?

Thank you !
2009-09-15 11:39:00
2009-09-15 13:32:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Nero, With the basic firmware and behavior control program, it does not support other sensors or direct port control. However, if you make your own program, it is possible.Another option is, for other sensors, if you make your own sensor module, add a MCU and use a protocol that which is the same as our dynamixel, it may detect it as our dynamixel making it capable to function a sensor module or direct port module. For example, like our AX-S1. ROBOTIS
2009-09-15 13:32:00
2009-09-19 16:13:00 Khashi.E
you can also wait for bioloid premium kit. it will be released in December. it has cm-510 controller which has 6 ports for analog sensors.so you can easily connect your own sensors.more info @ www.robosavvy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4045bests,Khashi.E
2009-09-19 16:13:00
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