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Motion Editor Custom DirectX Files
2009-09-20 12:32:00
Greetings! Is there any way to create custom .x (DirectX) files for use in the motion editor? I have tried using XSI Mod Tool (various versions) to import the DirectX file. That works, I can re-export the file, and load it into the motion editor successfully. However, although the 3D file displays in the motion editor, when I change a servo setting, the 3D model does not update to match it. I would like to be able to create custom robot configurations for use in the  motion editor. Any suggestions? What tools were used to make the original .X files that come with the Bioloid software?

2009-09-20 12:32:00
2009-10-04 06:13:00 Marinekaizer
Greetings! What software was used to create the 3D files?
2009-10-04 06:13:00
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