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2009-10-17 21:18:00
I have study the user guide of dynamixel RX-28/64 and CM-2+, trying to find a way to interface with them using Matlab.
My setup is [ PC -> USB2Dynamixel -> CM-2+ -> RX-28 ].
What I did are:
1.set CM-2+ to 'Manage' mode and sent hex instructions (learn from RX-28 user guide) using 'fwrite' to serial object. The RX LED of CM-2+
   blinked once by RX-28 didn't turn.
2. installed USB2Dynamixel v1.03 library. The library is called into Matlab. However, CM-2+ gave similar reaction as above when I write
    something to the motor.
So, do you have any guide of solution to control them in Matlab?
2009-10-17 21:18:00
2009-10-21 11:10:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Carolyn, To control your Dynamixel in Matlab, you should not use the CM-2+ between the USB2Dynamixel and RX-28. The USB2 Dynamixel should be connected with RX-28 directly without CM-2+. For the detailes, please refer to the user guide once again. Thanks. ROBOTIS
2009-10-21 11:10:00
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