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why the signal returned by RX-28 is so weak?
2009-10-19 19:10:00


I've got a big problem with my rx-28 when I tried to read its inner information. The problem is that the signal returned by rx-28 is too weak to drive the MAX-485 chip, so that the MAX-485 chip can't produce any output. And I have tried to observe the signal of 485 bus by an oscilloscope, and it can clearly indicate that, the signal transmitted to rx-28 from mega128 is much stronger than the signal returned from rx-28. That is, the difference of signal A and signal B of the returned signal in the 485 bus is much smaller.Then what's the reason? Does it mean the rx-28 has been broken and useless? I really wonder what I can do now. Thank you!



2009-10-19 19:10:00
2009-10-21 15:01:00 ROBOTIS
Hello Zerbobo, Attached is the wave graph at normal condition. 2 waveforms are inversed, and both level of signature are the same. If the signature level is different, it is highly likable that the communication chip has malfunction. You will have to make it repaired. For the detailed repairing process, please ask to the store where you bought them. Thanks! ROBOTIS
2009-10-21 15:01:00
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