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some quetions about the rx-28
2009-11-11 20:13:00


I've got a few questions about my rx-28.

1 From the manual, I get that, if the Action command is delivered without the reg_write command, it can produce an error bit through adress 0x11 of the control table. Does it mean that continuous delivering of action commands to rx-28 without a reg_write command will do any harm to rx-28? Or it just doesn't produce any influence?

2 The recommanded voltage applied to rx-28 is 12~16V, while actually I use a 16.8V voltage to produce a larger torque. Will it do harm to rx-28?

3 The attached is the connection of rx-28 in my robot system, is there any problem? I find that with a same program, some rx-28 can always be read successfully, while others can only be read sometimes. Does it have anything to do with the connection?

Tangk you!



2009-11-11 20:13:00
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