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Link Matlab with CM5?
2010-01-14 00:24:00


May i know is it possible to link CM-5 with Matlab? Do you have any  information related to that? Thank You for your attention!!


2010-01-14 00:24:00
2010-01-14 13:13:00 kent
Hi, i would like to add some information, i would like to control the Ax-12 with the CM5 in MatLAB.Need your help for detail information on that. thanksKent
2010-01-14 13:13:00
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2010-08-04 10:21:00 daniel
Hi, i would like to ask a question: I have downloaded the program into my bioloid robot. After downloading, i let my robot to dance but my robot tends to hang so i uses my hand to touch the robot and it contiune to dancing again than awhile later it hang again than i have to keep using my hand to touch the robot can anyone pls tell me y my robot keep hanging and hanging when dancing?
2010-08-04 10:21:00
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