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Error connecting CM-5 to laptop for program download
2010-01-14 18:47:00


We just received our order for Bioloid kits, and we are trying our first example robot, the Crossing gate, but we immediately run into the same exact problem as described by another user named, Puzzled, see link.  The TXD and RXD leads on CM-5 lights up each time the Connect button is clicked on the laplop, confirming that the port number on which the connection is being attempted is correct, but this is immediately followed by the error message, "Cannot connect to CM-5".  We are using the USBToDynamixel converter from Robotis.  We have tried to connect on three different computers with two different CM-5s that we have, but the same problem shows up each time.  Our suspicion is that the fault could be with the serial cable, but we got only one supplied with our kits, so we cannot be certain.  If Puzzled can help us explain how he eventually resolved his problem or someone at Robotis can suggest a better solution than the response given to Puzzled, it will really be appreciated as we are eager to explore our Robot. Thanks, Bashir.

2010-01-14 18:47:00
2010-01-15 15:26:00 ROBOTIS
Hello Bashir, The port setting and serial cable seem OK. Please check the switch of USB2Dynamixel. There is a slide switch on USB2Dynamixel, and it should be set on RS232 to communicate with CM-5. If the slide switch is on RS232, please try the restoration for CM-5. You can get how to restore the CM-5 at User guide. Thanks. ROBOTIS
2010-01-15 15:26:00
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2010-01-21 04:17:00 Bashir
Thanks for your response. Sliding the switch of USB2Dynamixel to point to RS232 resolved the problem. Thanks for your help. Bashir.
2010-01-21 04:17:00
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