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help!help!the motor of AX-12 doesn't work!
2010-01-16 01:22:00


  One of my AX-12,its motor doesn't work,The engine has seized up and stopped,even if i use quite a lot of my strength ,i can't rotate the motor  . 

     if the AX-12 was connected to the CM-5,and the program of the CM-5 was  to be run,the motor of the AX-12 can't be adjust.but now the CM-5 doesnot have a power supply,i still cannot rotate the motor! what is wrong with the motor?

       i used the software called 'behavior control program' ,i made a program about this AX-12,and download this program to the CM-5,and as a result ,the motor of this AX-12 keep unmoved!

      i used the software called "Robot Terminal",and typed some intruction ,for example,i typed 'wr 25 1',then the LED of the AX-12 was lighten.I try to rotate the  motor  to the position 100 at a speed of 80,so i typed 'go 100 80' ,but the motor keeped unmoved ,and the AX-12 send a Status Packet 'ff  ff  04(ID)   02(length)   02(error code)   **(check sum)'

     Sometimes the error code is 32(Ox20).i don't know what is wrong,and i  didn't do any harm to the motor.the motor turned abnormal suddenly! i am looking forward to your advice!

    thank you.


                                                                                  sincerely newboy, china

2010-01-16 01:22:00
2010-01-17 11:22:00 newboy
dear robotis : i am looking forward for your reply!
2010-01-17 11:22:00
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