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Design a circuit similar with the AX-12's control board,but with out a motor.
2010-01-16 16:09:00


       we want  to design a circuit which can connect to the CM-5 in the three-line bus style . Let CM-5 consider my board(circuit )  to be an AX-12 .

      CM-5  send  messages to my board(circuit) as sending messages to a real  AX-12  , by the way ,my board(circuit)  sends a reply data packet to the CM-5  (based on robotis communication protocol). my board  explains the CM-5  instruction packets, and output some trigger signal(signal of 0 or 1).Is there any ready-made board for sale?

       if there is no such board for sale ,I want to know whether we can design such a board  ,as well as how to design such a board? can you give some suggestions?what is the most important aspect in dealing with the three-line bus style? Thank you,and best wishes for you!

                                                                           yours ,

                                                               sincerely newboy ,from china

2010-01-16 16:09:00
2010-01-17 11:20:00 newboy
dear robotis : i am looking forward for your reply!
2010-01-17 11:20:00
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2010-01-18 00:12:00 MikeG
If you explain the purpose of your design I can provide a more detailed solution. It sounds like you want to create a Dynamixel bus device. The Dynamixel protocol and bus connections are openly published in the AX-12 manual. That’s all you really need. Basically, your device would listen for it’s ID then respond with the appropriate status packet. The device must adhere to the published instruction and status packet protocol.
2010-01-18 00:12:00
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2010-01-18 01:02:00 newboy
?Dear MikeG, I am very glad that you give me this advice.yes,I want to create a Dynaximel bus device! you said you can provide a more detailed solution ,I would be very grateful for your solution! because i am a beginner,so i really need help. In fact ,i have read the AX-12 manual,and i know the protocol.,but it is difficult for me to design a circuit,for example,how should i connect the bus to the MCU?and what MCU should I choose? Are their Voltage matched? so i need some reference .if i can obtain the circuit of the AX-12 or you can send me a detailed solution,that would be very helpful! My email is ifeelwarm@163.com ,can you send me some data? And I am very happy to know you! yours sincerely newboy
2010-01-18 01:02:00
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2010-01-18 16:17:00 newboy
Dear MikeG It is very kind of you to give me so much help! Recently,i will work hard on this issue.I would like to know which country do you come from? Best wishes for you! sincerely newboy china
2010-01-18 16:17:00
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2010-01-19 01:48:00 MikeG
United States, Arizona
2010-01-19 01:48:00
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2010-01-19 12:25:00 newboy
?United States,the Paradise,I have dreamed that one day i can have a tour in your country,to warch a NBA game,to visit the whitehouse.... Dear MikeG your id is a link of your website.I have added it to my Favorites.I will visit your website frequently.I hope to keep in touch with you.I am a university student in shanghai ,china. best wishes for you yours sincerely newboy
2010-01-19 12:25:00
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