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two new questions....ask for help,thanks.
2010-01-19 22:53:00

?   Dear MikeG and Robotis:

      The baud rate of CM-5 is 1Mbps,and can it be changed? I know that the baud rate of AX-12 can be changed through the 'robot terminal' with the command--"baud".If we changed the baud rate of AX-12,Shall we make the same change of the CM-5?how to change?

    If  I want to connect the databus to a MCU.what is the best connection?connect to the 'rxd'or'txd' or one of its port like'P0'or'P1'... ?


                                                                                            yours ,                                                                                      

sincerely  newboy

2010-01-19 22:53:00
2010-01-20 13:32:00 newboy
Dear MikeG thank you very much! yours, sincerely newboy
2010-01-20 13:32:00
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2010-01-20 14:22:00 Robotis
Hello new boy, Basically. the CM-5 firmware is designed to use the baud rate of 1Mbps for communication. Users can not change this. It is recommended not to change the baud rate of AX-12 especially when using the provided programs. If you would like to change the baudrate, you have to develop the CM-5 firmware by yourself. Please refer to the AX-12 manual regarding the circuit. ROBOTIS.
2010-01-20 14:22:00
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