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2010-01-24 04:18:00

Hi Dear

I attach one of the Zig-100 modules to one of my CM-5 and the other to the zig2serial adapter

each of 2 zigbee set in 57600 bps and ID's is correct set

after programming cm-5 with recive program and run it in 'play mode'  and press start

1- I dont konw that how to send the number or charecter to serial2zigbee module that zigbee-100 connected to it.

2-when press the 'start', robot terminal receive the servo ID's but I cant send any number or charecter from pc to cm-5 that run play my favorit page number

3-when in play mode i press any buttom of keyboard the receive LED blinking

4-I think that format of receive data in cm-5 do not recognized

PLease Help Me!!!!!

2010-01-24 04:18:00
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