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Can't find dynamixels
2010-01-26 01:22:00

Dear Robotis,

I'm trying to find through your Dynamixel Manager all connected Dynamixels. As long as i don't connect more than one dynamixel i have no problems controlling it (Every dynamixel for itself works just fine.). When I now connect a further one the manager don't finds anything. Sometimes it happens that it shows a single id but when i open it i control both motors at a time and it is not possible to manipulate them separated from each other. When i do some tasks i get the following error message:

Dynamixel access failed!
Please check USB2Dynamixel, dynamixel(s), and power connection.

So i tried the same with an other robot which has exactly the same structure. There it is working well. I find every dynamixel connected and can manipulate them separately.

My "structure" looks now like that:

PC -> UWB2Dynamixel -> Power -> RX-28 -> RX-28 -> RX-10

Can you please help me out, i'm desperate finding a solution.


sincerly  VRC

2010-01-26 01:22:00
2010-01-26 09:09:00 MikeG
Did you make sure that the Dynamixels have separate IDs and that the USB2Dynamixel switch is in the RS-485 position?
2010-01-26 09:09:00
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