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About rx28
2010-04-16 00:02:00

Dear sir,

      These days I am assembling a humanoid robot with rx28. However, when i tried to link with the servo motors with a interface made by vc++ , it failed to react according to the data.The seller said that i might have changed the program inside the mcu. But  i checked my data and it's ok to control the ax12+ ,you know , whose protocol is the same with the rx28. A guy who helped me to assemble said he had dropped some lubricating oil inside while assembling it with the structure. it seemed that there is some oil that filtered into the chips part.

     So i wanted to  ask a quetion that will the liquid oil lead to the problems? If so , how can i deal with it ? if the chips are burnt ,can i repalce them or in some ways mend it?  I'm not quite sure about it , can you help? thanks



2010-04-16 00:02:00
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