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Custom .rbt files
2010-04-16 10:46:00


The answer you guys keep giving regarding custom RBT files is a little ridiculous. Obviously, the good people at Robotis have made .rbt and .x files for the robots, so there must be some way of making new ones. Either tell us what software was used, or explain the process. "Making custom .rbt files is not possible" is not an answer. I have purchased more than a kits worth of Bioloid parts enthusiastically thinking that I could make and program my own robots. Telling me that I can't make custom 3D files for my own robots is more than disappointing, it makes me wonder if I wouldn't be better off investing my hard-earned money with another company's product, a company that is interested in helping me enjoy their product to the fullest instead of proudly proclaiming the flexibility of their product and then telling their customers "You can't do that.". And before you point me to the RoboPlus software, I have downloaded that, and don't see any obvious documentation with it. In my own experimentation, I have found no way to create new models with it either. If I am missing something, please tell me. But please stop insulting me and other users on this board who have asked the same question. Be honest with us.


2010-04-16 10:46:00
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