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Can I order for the Bioloid Camera alone?
2010-04-19 17:11:00


The Camera that came with our Bioloid Expert Kit over-heat seriously.  The image transmitted is initially good, but once the camera gets too hot, the image becomes garbage and we just have to  unplug the camera.  The battery also gets consumed too quickly when the camera is connected.  Now the system we are developing requires the camera and we just cannot do without it.  My question is, since out camera receiver is OK, is it possible to order for the camera alone without the receiver?  How?  Also is there any other better camera that you can suggest that will work with the Bioloid?  (Note our controller is CM-5 and we are using AX-12+ Dynamixels).   Thanks, Bashir.

2010-04-19 17:11:00
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