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charging problem
2010-04-24 23:30:00

Dear robotis

i've problems with charging the batteries..

before, i've been charge it for several minutes, then i've overslept and batteries keep on charge about 7-8 hour

Led on power keep on charging and it blinks on normal that tells batteries are full. Then i unplug charger and continue with my program..

But less then 1 minute, i try to move on those servo, indicator tell that the batteries need charge again. After that i keep to move, then bioloid like some kind of leak batteries and turn off itself..

I've been change the batteries, same type, and i've charge it again..

at first it normal, indicator blink slowly, then faster, then slow again..

after that i used it to continue my program..

but after that less then 5 minute, same like the first one, bioloid turn off itself..

i've been checked fuse at twice and looks normal..

Can you describe it what happened to my batteries??

Please reply asap..

2010-04-24 23:30:00
2010-04-29 16:28:00 ROBOTIS
Dear Epri, I think you have to receive a repairing service for the charger. Please contact the shop that you purchased your robot, and ask for repairing service. Thanks, ROBOTIS
2010-04-29 16:28:00
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