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Footsize for Korea Robot Festival
2010-04-28 10:45:00

Hi Robotis

I am a bit confuse as to what is the maximum foot x & y size I can use for Bioloid Premium for the Korean Robot Festival. My calculation is 6.3cm & 9.9cm. Am I correct or can it be bigger ? Thanks

According to the rule, it must be Fx = 35% of L & Fy = 55% of L. But I am not sure how to calc the L of the Bioloid Premium. I get 18cm.


2010-04-28 10:45:00
2010-04-29 17:36:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Robert, The actual L of the Bioloid Premium Kit is 186 mm. So, if we consider the errors in +/- 2mm, and supposing that the L is 184mm roughly, the calculation of maximum foot x & y size would be 64 X 100 mm. The size of basic foot frame of Bioloid Premium kit is 60 X 100 mm. So, you can use this in the competition. ROBOTIS
2010-04-29 17:36:00
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2010-04-29 18:05:00 UncleBob
Many Thanks. Mine is 6.3cm & 9.9cm. 0.3cm hope it is ok.
2010-04-29 18:05:00
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