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Problem with running mulitple motion pages on BCP
2010-05-18 13:52:00

 Dear Sir,

1. I am using CM2+ controller with dynamixel motors RX64 .

    the motion data I built contains 10 poses and hence occupys page 1 and page 2 of motion editor

    but when I call as motion page 1 and page 2 in BCP is did not work

    I am attaching a snap shot of BCP S/W view

    hence how actually to run multiple motion pages on CM2+

2. Can the 5 buttons on controller be used to control different set of poses?

kindly help.


2010-05-18 13:52:00
2010-05-20 08:13:00 ROBOTIS
Hi Ram, In order to have 2 consecutive pages run, you must set them to connect in the motion page. Set it as Next page No. You can play using the 5 button if you set it in the motion page as well, BUT, when playing a motion it will continue until it ends that motion and will do no other motion. ROBOTIS
2010-05-20 08:13:00
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